Food delivery Brighton Melbourne


One great option for people with busy schedules and time poor life is food delivery. These services have stepped out of the game with seasonal influences, fresh ingredients and stress-relieving flavours. And if you crave Indian food, there are infinite delicacies to be cherished at the comfort of your home or office.

Indian food is a perfect blend of various cultures, ages, cuisines, flavours and traditional preparations. From appetisers to street snacks, there is the whole world of choices awaiting the food lovers. Indian Palace has been providing exceptional Indian flavours on our menu for visitors in Melbourne. Apart from fine dining options, we strive to provide quality Indian food delivery Melbourne. Our chefs only use the finest and freshest ingredients to create magic on the plates and in the food-delivery packages.


Being a renowned Indian restaurant, our services include a wide range of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night snacks. In our well-defined menu, we have included a range of delectable Indian preparations.

  • Entrees – Indian appetisers
  • South Indian Options – Dosa
  • Main Course – Chicken Mains, Beef Mains, Lamb Mains, Seafood Mains,
  • Vegetarian Mains
  • Authentic Breads
  • Rice & Biryanis
  • Accompaniments
  • Indian Desserts


  1. Access to a wide variety of delicacies on the menu
  2. A lot of time saved
  3. Portion Control and healthy options
  4. Food can be ordered anywhere, at convenience
  5. Easy Order – Online options available on website
  6. Free and simplified online food ordering system
  7. Minimal food delivery charges
  8. Significant money savings
  9. Vast variety of cuisines delivered right to our doorsteps
  10. No hassle of driving down and booking a table

Please fill up the ONLINE ORDER FORM and request Indian food delivery from us. We promise to bring the freshest meal at your doorsteps!